Department of Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics Departmentin Diploma in Pharmacy was established with the establishment of Fabtech College of Pharmacyfrom academic session 2019-2020.The department provides the facilities for producing and evaluating different dosage forms. The objective of study is to focus on preparing, analyzing, and formulating different dosage forms for medications and cosmetics. A diploma student must be able to formulate, store, dispense, and evaluate prescriptions in addition to being able to make prescription drugs and cosmetics in a lab.The formulation of a pure medication ingredient into a dosage form is the focus of pharmaceutics. The Department is having one pharmaceutics laboratory with additional one machine room. All labs are well equipped with sophisticated and advanced instruments like Disintegration Test Apparatus,Monsanto Hardness Tester, Pfizer Hardness TesterUV-Visible spectrophotometers, Brookfield Viscometer, Sonicator, Centrifuge, In vitro Dissolution apparatus, Fluidized Bed Dryer, High-Speed Homogenizer, etc.Additionally, this branch aids in acquainting students with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), aseptic area design, development, and maintenance, as well as sterility and stability testing protocols.

Salient Features of the Department

  • The Department features large, well-ventilated practical labs.
  • Department's laboratory is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, chemicals, glassware other necessities.
  • Highly experienced faculty members are available.
  • Practical are completed in accordance with the academic calendar and students have adequate time to perform the practical.
  • During the practical session, students have access to the library's resources.

Lab Name : A-01 Pharmaceutics Laboratory

Sr.No. Name Details
1 Lab Area 82.10 Sq.m
2. Lab Incharge Prof. S. U. Kambale
3. Lab Technician Mr. Atul Pawar
4. List of major equipment’s
  • Tincture press
  • Pfizer hardness tester
  • Monsanto hardness tester
  • Digital balance
  • Hot air oven
  • Ampoule washing machine
  • Conical percolator
5. Practical’s carried out in this laboratory All experiments related to Pharmaceutics and social Pharmacy.