Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacognosy Departmentin Diploma in Pharmacywas established with the establishment of Fabtech College of Pharmacyfrom academic session 2019-2020.The Department is having one Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory. The labis equipped with all sophisticated and advanced instruments such as Rotarod, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Electroconvulsiometer, Actophotometer, Spirometer, Analgesiometer and Software’s for performing pharmacological experiments.The human skeleton, histopathological slides, 3D models and charts, and multimedia tools all aid in the study of human anatomy and physiology.This field aids in gaining of scientific knowledge and understanding about drug pharmacology, including pharmacology computations, biological standardization, in vivo drug interactions and toxicity studies, and the practical aspects of pharmacological screening for various medicinal agents using the animal model.

Salient Features of the Department

  • There is ample workspace in the department.
  • Highly qualified staff available.
  • Clinical testing of various bodily fluids and histological investigations.
  • Availability of an animal dissection facility.
  • During the practical session, students have access to the computer and the MSBTE experimental CD.

Lab Name : A-04 Pharmacology Laboratory

Sr.No. Name Details
1 Lab Area 75.28Sq.m
2. Lab Incharge Prof. R. S. Pawar
3. Lab Technician Mr. Prasad Ingole
4 List of major equipment’s
  • Pole Climbing Apparatus
  • Actophotometer
  • Eddy’s Hot Plate
  • Spirometer
  • Student Organ Bath
  • Histamine Chamber
  • Sherrington Rotating Drum
  • Analgesiometer
5 Softwares List experimental CD of MSBTE
6 Practical’s carried out in this laboratory All experiments related to Human Anatomy and Physiology and Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapeutics.