Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

Ms.Ashwini B. Zade

The Department Pharmacology was established with the establishment of Fabtech College of Pharmacy from academic session 2019-2020.The number of disorders that could be adequately treated with medication therapy increased dramatically with the development of pharmacology in the middle of the 20th century. Scientific research is necessary to create the improvements and insights needed for the effective development of new medications. The main goal of pharmacology is to "discover how drugs work." It is focused on how medications affect living things and the parts of them, including DNA, organelles, membranes, cells, and enzymes.The Department is having one Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory and two Pharmacology laboratories. The labis equipped with all sophisticated and advanced instruments such as Rotarod, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Electroconvulsiometer, Eddy’s Hot Plate, Actophotometer, Spirometer, Analgesiometer and Software’s for performing pharmacological experiments.The human skeleton, histopathological slides, 3D models and charts, and multimedia tools all aid in the study of human anatomy and physiology.Pharmacology is the study of biology through the effects of chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Chemicals and drugs can only have an impact by altering the underlying biological systems; this allows them to control both the abnormal processes that arise in sickness and the regular operations of cells and organisms.The wide range of topics covered by pharmacology includes the effects of pharmaceuticals and known therapeutic agents on the physiological organ systems of mammals as well as the investigation of the intermolecular interactions between chemical components of cells and medications. Professional pharmacologists typically pursue jobs in basic research and academic teaching, creative research in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries or for government laboratories, and government agency work guaranteeing the safety of pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Salient Features of the Department

  • Well-equipped labs and modern facility.
  • The laboratories provide facilities for the students to carry out all types of pharmacological experiments.
  • Highly qualifiedfaculty members are available.
  • Scientific investigation of the characteristics, functions, and side effects of medications.
  • Clinical testing of various bodily fluids and histological investigations.
  • Availability of an animal dissection facility.

The following subject practical are performed in this department :

  • Human Anatomy and physiology I, II
  • Pharmacology I, II, III